Dalby Spectator Areas

Dalby Forest – Woodyard

This is perhaps the best vantage point to see the competitors in action, with a lit spectators area formed out of a natural arena overlooking the course. There’s a buttie van next door and toilets also conveniently located by the entrance to the spectators area.

Disabled access and a toilet is available, however wheelchair users will need assistance as the spectators area is formed out of the natural hillside and it is an uneven surface.

Friday, 28 September

Competitors start the night stage at 20:00 and leave at 1 min intervals.

The competitors will come into Woodyard following a fast downhill straight and navigate through an anticlockwise circular course in full view of the spectators arena before leaving via a hairpin bend.

Saturday, 29 September

On Saturday the course changes with another fast entry into Woodyard following a long downhill straight, then spectators will be treated to a spectacular anticlockwise lap of the natural arena, then then a fast climb towards the next checkpoint.

Dalby Forest – Housedale

Saturday, 29 September

This year Housedale will be the perfect place to view the fastest paced action with large spectator viewing area overlooking this fast right hand bend located at a gravel/tarmac cross-roads. Parking is close at hand and there is a  toilet facility.


Please note that parking is by way of side of the access road, with only advance ticket holders be able to park near the spectator area. Please leave plenty of time to allow for a walk into the spectator area. Please observe the parking signs – Access must be maintained for emergency vehicles at all times.

Overflow parking at the Dalby Visitors Centre, please allow at least a 15 min brisk walk to reach the Woodyard spectator areas.