Spectator Information

Ticket Sales

Advance ticket sales have now closed for this year’s event. Please note that privilege packs will not be posted out until 23 September.

Tickets can be purchased on the day from vehicle entry points to Dalby Forest (Pexton Moor and Bickley Gate) or Cropton.

Ticket types and prices are as follows:

Ticket Type Description Validity Period Price
Single Stage – Friday Access to both spectator areas in Dalby Friday only £10.00
Single Stage – Saturday Access to either Dalby or Cropton Spectator areas Saturdays only £15.00
Multi-stage Access to all stages on both days Friday and Saturday £20.00

Adult prices are for all persons 16yrs or older. Children under 16 are free but must be accompanied by at least 1 adult ticket holder.



Rally Yorkshire 2017 is being held on Friday, 29 September in the evening and Saturday 30 September during the day.

Spectator Areas

We have three spectator areas which are available to the public:

  • Friday, 29 September and Saturday, 30 September:
    • Wood Yard, Dalby Forest – This spectator area provides an excellent view of the competitors and has lighting, toilets and catering facilities. Whilst the ground is uneven, access is available to wheelchair users with assistance. Privilege parking is available for advance purchase ticket holders which will allow pass holders to park closer to the spectator areas.
    • Housedale, Dalby Forest – This spectator area gives an excellent, slightly raised vantage point over a fast 90 deg corner which transitions from gravel to tarmac. Due to the uneven ground, this spectator area is likely to be unsuitable for wheelchair users. Catering facilities are not available at this site.
  • Saturday, 30 September
    • Spiers House, Cropton – Located on a 80 deg corner, with little room for error this spectator area provides an exciting location to watch the nail biting action as it unfolds. Toilet and catering facilities are provided with plenty of parking on the road leading up to the site. Due to the forested area in which this spectator area is located it is unlikely this area would be suitable for wheelchair users.

Information on how to reach the Spectator stages is here.


What we do ask is that you enjoy yourselves and keep yourselves safe. Please comply with requests from Officials and Marshals – they are there to ensure the safe running of the event.

On the competitive sections, rally cars travel very quickly and we have designated spectator areas to ensure you get a good view in as safe an environment as possible. Remember though – MOTORSPORT IS DANGEROUS AND YOU ARE PRESENT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Green tape will guide you to the designated areas and red tape and/or red “netlon” fencing is there to define the limit of the spectator area. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE “RED” LINE

Spectator Safety


  • Stand on the track
  • Stand below the level of the track
  • Stand in front of arrows or signs
  • Stand in Prohibited Areas
  • Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences
  • Sit close to the edge of the track
  • Block escape routes
  • Be distracted
  • Play games with your safety or that of the drivers
  • Remove Stage signs or arrows
  • Be the one to stop the Stage

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Listen for approaching cars
  • Remain alert
  • Leave yourself room to move quickly
  • Try to keep behind something solid
  • Keep children under supervision
  • Keep dogs on a lead
  • Do as the Marshals ask
  • Help the Marshals to run a safe Stage
Be Sure That:

  • The unexpected can happen
  • If you ignore Marshals instructions the stage will be stopped
Please protect:

  • Yourself
  • Others around you
  • This Stage
  • Rallying
  • Motor Sport
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