Spectator Information

Rally Yorkshire 2022 is taking place on Friday, 23rd September and continues through to Saturday, 24th September. More information will be available closer to the event

Purchase Tickets – Available closer to event

Please note tickets sales will only be taking place online and WILL NOT be available at the gates. Please ensure you buy before you leave or at the very least before you arrive at the entry points. The mobile phone signal is very weak in the area and therefore you are advised to purchase before leaving Pickering or before leaving home. 

Where to get advanced ticket

  • TicketCo App
    • The easiest way to purchase a ticket will be using the TicketCo App available from Google Play or Apple App Store
  • TicketCo Website
  • Rallyyorkshire.co.uk
    • This website will enable users to purchase tickets via a link to the TicketCo website

No tickets sales will be available on the Gate

After purchasing your tickets you will be provided with a link to Sportity which will be used to provide the latest rally information as well as Covid-19 related information.

The spectator stage for Rally Yorkshire are located in Dalby and Cropton forests near Pickering.

We request that when driving to the stage entrances you respect the venues’ neighbours. Please drive with care through the local villages which will inevitably experience a swell in traffic in what is already a busy tourist area.

Getting to Dalby Forest Stages

Dalby forest is well sign posted from A170 in Pickering and Thornton Dale. We request that all traffic from the South of Dalby approach from Pickering then join the A169 to Whitby. After 4 miles turn right at the Fox and Rabbit Inn and head South. The entrance to Dalby Forest is on your left after 2 miles and is clearly sign posted.

From the North, follow the signs to Pickering on the A169. At the Fox and Rabbit Inn turn left and head south. The entrance to Dalby Forest is on your left after 2 miles and is clearly sign posted.

Getting to Cropton Forest Stage

From Pickering, head West on the A170 towards Thirsk. As you leave Pickering you will see a filling station on the the left, continue for another mile and then turn right to Wrelton. Please drive carefully through the village, follow the road to the right and then the left following the signs for Cropton. As you approach Cropton, keep left, pass the pub, and follow the road round to the left when exiting the village. Continue straight on after the hump back bridge, and the entrance to Cropton stage is your next right after 0.8 miles (Sign posted Spiers House).

Dalby Forest – Woodyard

This is perhaps the best vantage point to see the competitors in action, with a lit spectators area formed out of a natural arena overlooking the course. There’s a buttie van next door and toilets also conveniently located by the entrance to the spectators area.

Disabled access and a toilet is available, however wheelchair users will need assistance as the spectators area is formed out of the natural hillside and it is an uneven surface.

Friday, 24 September

The competitors will come into Woodyard following a fast downhill straight and navigate through an anticlockwise circular course in full view of the spectators arena before leaving via a hairpin bend.

Saturday, 25 September

On Saturday the course changes with another fast entry into Woodyard following a long downhill straight, then spectators will be treated to a spectacular anticlockwise lap of the natural arena, followed by a fast climb towards the next checkpoint.

Please see the note regarding parking below.

Dalby Forest – Housedale

Saturday, 25 September

This year Housedale will be the perfect place to view the fastest paced action with large spectator viewing area overlooking this fast right hand bend located at a gravel/tarmac cross-roads. Parking is close at hand and there is a  toilet facility.

Car Parking

Please note that parking is by way of side of the access road. Please leave plenty of time to allow for a walk into the spectator area. Please observe the parking signs – Access must be maintained for emergency vehicles at all times.

Overflow parking at the Dalby Visitors Centre, please allow at least a 15 min brisk walk to reach the Woodyard spectator areas.

Cropton – Spiers House

Located just before the site entrance to Cropton holiday log cabins, this exciting corner spectator gives spectators a great opportunity to see a fast corner which benefits from a great vantage point meaning spectators can see even more of the action.

There is a cafe on site where you can get an excellent breakfast buttie and a cup of tea or coffee. We also provide toilet facilities.

Car Parking

Parking is provided on the right hand side of the access road. Spectators are asked to respect the parking signs are designed to ensure emergency access can be maintained. Please leave plenty of time to walk up to the spectators area.

The following stage times are based upon the current expected running list and the assumption that there are no unexpected delays.

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    What we do ask is that you enjoy yourselves and keep yourselves safe. Please comply with requests from Officials and Marshals – they are there to ensure the safe running of the event.

    On the competitive sections, rally cars travel very quickly and we have designated spectator areas to ensure you get a good view in as safe an environment as possible. Remember though – MOTORSPORT IS DANGEROUS AND YOU ARE PRESENT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Black/Yellow tape will guide you to the designated areas and red tape and/or red “netlon” fencing is there to define the limit of the spectator area. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS THE “RED” LINE

    Spectator Safety


    • Stand on the track
    • Stand below the level of the track
    • Stand in front of arrows or signs
    • Stand in Prohibited Areas
    • Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences
    • Sit close to the edge of the track
    • Block escape routes
    • Be distracted
    • Play games with your safety or that of the drivers
    • Remove Stage signs or arrows
    • Be the one to stop the Stage


    • Expect the unexpected
    • Listen for approaching cars
    • Remain alert
    • Leave yourself room to move quickly
    • Try to keep behind something solid
    • Keep children under supervision
    • Keep dogs on a lead
    • Do as the Marshals ask
    • Help the Marshals to run a safe Stage

    Be Sure That:

    • The unexpected can happen
    • If you ignore Marshals instructions the stage will be stopped

    Please protect:

    • Others around you
    • This Stage Rallying
    • Motor Sport